How to refer.

Referrals are welcome from clients, family members, advocates, deputies and solicitors.

So how can I make a referral?

If you would like to discuss a referral please give us a call on 01928 732999

After a referral the following steps are taken:

  • Before formal case management instructions are completed you may wish to complete a “Meet and Greet” with your potential Case Manager.
  • The type of report you require will be agreed with you to suit your needs this may be a Case Management Plan, an Immediate Needs Report, or a letter making recommendations.
  • We will provide a copy of our terms and conditions and costs to the referrer.
  • An appointment will be arranged to visit the client and an appropriate report will be written.
  • A clear timescale for a case management plan will be identified.
  • Current care and case management needs will be costed.
  • Any therapy, equipment and any other needs will be identified.

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